I was on my way to Holywell Cemetery but as I was walking down Holywell Street I came across filming for Endeavour. I could have carried on to the Cemetery but I decided to hang around for a while and watch the process of a scene being filmed. A lot of takes, sometimes due to an actor fluffing a line or a joke being told. But an interesting experience. They were filming scenes in a car and scenes outside the Holywell Music Room.

Endeavour Filming August 2017

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There are likely spoilers contained within.

Weymouth Beach

Weymouth’s Beach goes from being fine sand to shingles to large pebbles. Here is a couple walking away from the sandy part of the beach to the more rocky area. You can see some of the beach huts in the distance along with the Church Spire peeking above the beach front houses. Most of which are Bed and Breakfasts. The building on the beach is where a beach shop is located (selling the usual items like buckets and spades), a restaurant on the building’s first floor with an arcade underneath. It’s also where public toilets are located. Everything you need for a day at the beach.
Weymouth Beach strolls


I took a short day trip to Weymouth back in July with Family. As usually happens when I visit Weymouth it started off cloudy but got better as the day went on. Here’s a seagull chilling out on a beach hut before a day of raiding people’s ice creams and chips.
Weymouth Gulls

Blenheim Palace Butterfly

This image was taken at Blenheim Palace’s Pleasure Gardens in it’s recently refurbished/restored butterfly house. The following photograph was taken during my first trip out with a Macro Lens. I like to challenge myself in different areas of photography and Macro is perhaps one of the hardest challenges of all.

Butterfly House Blenheim Palace

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